I just want to stay in bed with these 3 gorgeous things today..

The one on top is a gorgeous print books with lovely poems. Yes it’s a children book and I always find it soothing to have children books on my bedside table.

The one on bottom left is a self-help book like none you’ve ever seen. The book was partly written in Ubud and New York by it’s author. A sign from universe that slipped right in to my arms.

The one on bottom right, is a new release that I’ve been really excited to read. They have 2 cover version, and I specifically want to have this cover. Just because I’m particular that way.

To have a lover that share your interest is probably a rare gift. Especially one who would be as excited as you are when looking at piles of books, one whose face lightens up when walks in to a bookstore, one who dreams vigorously of opening a bookstore, one who smiles at the smell of fresh printed books, and one who adores words simply beyond measure.

Oh, and Aksara Citos is surprisingly have more awesome book collections compared to Pacific Place.

#nerdtalk – with Waraney

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