We went in to the restaurant and was greeted by three options;

“Mau di area sini mbak? Ini musiknya gamelan.. Atau di bawah musiknya country.. Kalau mau jazz di belakang..”

We chose the jazz section and felt like transported to another era and place. The room was full with replicas of Dali’s paintings, Van Gogh’s and even the famous Monalisa combined with Javanese little pendopo type of interior.

There was a couple of caucasian ordering wine.
The band was playing really nice jazz tunes, with all its band members looking quite antique and seemed to be enjoying their performance very well.

They told us to make a song request, and I chose Embraceable You, kind of testing them at first.. Not sure they would know the song. They smiled and instantly made some little hums and short rehearshals before they finally gave it a go.

They did it beautifully and effortless, and I was in awe.

When they finished that song, the vocalist told me,

“Terima kasih mbak sudah request lagu ini, jadi mengingatkan kami kembali sama lagu lama ini..sudah hampir lupa karena nggak pernah ada yang minta..”

I could only smile and nod, while having my eyes fixed on Dali’s Persistence of Memory hung on the wall.

It was a moment of silence, between me and my memory of the city. – with muara at Gadjah Wong Restaurant

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