Holding Hands


Long before there was even any sparks between us, Waraney Rawung and I are friends in instagram.

It’s not untill when we’re in a relationship that we realize how significantly similar our instagram galleries are. Our love on books and coffee, our passion for traveling solo and wandering alone, our distinguished taste in music, and our eternal longing of finding the perfect person to ease our loneliness.

In one of our late night conversations, he made this beautiful confession that moved me precisely.

“I used to look at your instagram pictures and admired how adventurous you are and how marvellous it is that you got the chance to travell to all kinds of places. Aside from that thought of admiration, I couldn’t help to notice that some of your pictures tried to communicate unspoken sadness and depicted a certain loneliness and indefinite melancholy.

It hits me really hard that I silently questioned,

“What happened to you? who have hurted you in such an unspecified extent or degree?

Something inside me trembled when he finished that sentence.
He capted what others failed to see from my instagram gallery. Similar to the way his hands succeeded to hold mine firmly in a contrary to others who came before him and chose to let it go.

He was there all along.
We were actually walking in a vicinity while swallowing our sadness alone.

We write, we take pictures, we pour our hearts in to it, and it reached a point where we have accepted the fact that we’re okay to be lonely and finally made peace with our hurtful past.

And just like that, universe conspired to show us something better.

Our path finally crossed and we finally been gifted the chance to take that walk together, hand in hand.

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